Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Transfers..... 12/06/10

Hello all,

This week has been a great week and a lot of things have been happening! I didn't bring my last planner so I'm gonna have to go off of my remembrance, sorry. haha, so anyways this last week myself and Elder Justice were able to set 2 people for baptism. We set Ed Young and also Kat. They are both really excited, but now it looks like Ed won't be able to baptized on that day because of his wife Judy, they do everything together and when Ed said he would be baptized Judy isn't ready for it, so they need to have a little, or big talk! Kat, we set her for January 15th, but I think we will need to move it back because I think they are still going to be on Christmas break, not exactly sure but that is the thought. Kat is so pumped, she loves the gospel, since we've met with her she has been happier than she ever has been, she believes in God and Jesus Christ and has faith in both of them. She believes the restoration, she knows the Book of Mormon is true, the only problem now is her family, whether or not they will let her be baptized. Some tough stuff to work with so if you would include her in your prayers that would be really great! :) Elder Justice has now left to Virginia Beach, and Elder Van Wagoner!!!!!!! My new companion is here!!! :) :) He is such a stud, he is from Riverton Utah (another Utah missionary here) and the best missionaries come from Utah! haha, alright I'll stop before I get to prideful, haha. He really is amazing though, he is prepared to serve, all of the new missionaries are, they are so much better then I was when I came out. More young men are preparing for their missions and they are powerful, he is a powerful teacher! He is a track star, when he goes home he will have a scholarship to UVU, it's so cool. He already speaks up in lessons and is already growing rapidly. I hope I can keep up with him! :) We are getting along so well, so we teach together and are totally unified I love it! The work is so much better when companions work in unity and we will see miracles. Other than setting Ed and Kat for baptism nothing else too exciting has happened. Sunday we had a stake conference and it was really good to see people from Charlottesville there! Also we got to see the Christmas Devotional with the First Presidency, it was absolutely amazing!! I love this work, I love the spirit, I love everything about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the blessings and happiness that we receive from it! This is all true, everything that missionaries do, all that we teach, all that we feel, it is real and it is true. Whoever reads this, let your light so shine. My studies today was on examples and the light that we all have. Be an example of the believers, and more people will believe. :) I love you all so much, and I want what is best for all of you! :) Have a great week!!


Elder Hopkins

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