Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!! - 05/31/11

Hello Hello,

Alright, so this was a cool e-mail, even though there wasn't that much, no worries because I'm not expecting huge e-mails, this was great! Josh Sharp!!! That is awesome news, to bad he's done with his mission, I know how he feels, there are mixed emotions... Playing for BYU is so cool! Elder Gill is a the biggest BYU fan I know, he'll be pumped to watch them play, Josh is amazing and plus with Tyler Haws, they will tear it up! I'm sure the Sharps are happy, and I know Elder Sharp is too, I'll bet he was an awesome representative of our Savior! :) I'm sorry about all of the weather... We left our apartment this morning and it was 89 degrees at 10:00 so it'll be a hot one, haha. Tell Eric trek is super sweet, I loved it and now I wish I could have gone more than once, but it's way sweet, even though you do walk a ton, haha. Here is some of my studies today, I am reading in Ether and I read chapters 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13, now Ether is an exciting book, there are so many crazy things that go on in this book. While reading these chapters there were a few things that stood out to me (I love chapter 12 but I won't go into that one, all about faith and also hope and charity) Throughout these chapters it always talks about the people starting up the wicked lifestyle, robbing, murdering, things like that, and then the prophets come prophecying and the people reject them everytime! The end of Chapter 9, and the beginning of 11, it talks about the prophets coming. Chapter 9 they come, they prophecy and the people reject them. The prophecy is then fulfilled and it talks about how they begin to repent because they realize they are going to perish... How many times are we like this? I know I have been, waiting to the last second to turn to God, and the interesting thing, or the amazing thing that I got out of it was that He still helped them because he saw that they "humble themselves SUFFICIENTLY..." God always has His arm of mercy extended towards us so that we may turn to him for strength. He loves us. Chapter 11:6-8 is along the same lines as that. The scriptures apply to us so much today it's amazing to really think about, things written thousands of years ago that we can read and study and ponder about and see how it applies to us, and we can learn, we must remember what they did, what they went through, and we can learn from that. Like these scriptures we must listen to the prophets, we must do what they tell us to do and we will be blessed. I am so grateful for the scriptures and what they have done for me, and what they do for the people that we talk to. Hearts are changed and questions are answered because this is a true book, it is the word of God, it fills our hearts, minds, and spirits with the Holy Spirit. Read it and you will come to know of your Savior Jesus Christ, you will have peace in your lives, and you will be happy, and I can make you that promise! I love you, I care about you, and I want what's best for all of you. Have a great week and enjoy the many blessings God has given and continues to give to us!

Much love from Virginia,

Elder Hopkins

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