Friday, September 17, 2010

Another Week Done Well - 08/30/10

Alright, so I think that I am just going to write about the highlights today.
First off, sounds like bishop really hit it hard with Justin, haha, that would have been pretty funny. Hopefully angel moroni waved back! ;) I'm way glad his farewell went well, I'm planning on sending him something, so it will go to his house then hopefully his parents can forward it to him.
So on Tuesday the 24th it was the first day of school! The campus, or the grounds as they say here, were filled with students. What we did is we made a survey and copied a bunch of them so we could start conversations with the students and take this survey with them. We were planning on getting some new investigators out of it, but people were running around trying to get the feel of things, we all split up to cover a little more ground, and I had some good conversations with people but that was about it, hopefully when they get all settled in it will work out a little better. The questions were stuff like: What is the purpose of life? What is your religious background? Do you believe there is a God? What is your desire in this life? End Goal? What is the bible? What is the Book of Mormon? and the last one, If there was a prophet on the Earth today like Abraham or Noah or Moses, what would you ask him? It was cool to get different answers and see how people reacted. haha
Wednesday we had a lesson with Natalie Sikes and we would really appreciate it if you could pray for here, she is now in the red zone like football, she gets baptized this coming Saturday so Satan is really working on her. She's still solid, just needs a little help and confidence.
Thursday we had a district meeting and I was prepared to talk on 2 Nephi 31. The Gospel of Jesus Christ, oh man I love it. Go ahead and read that, it's one of my favorites! After that we met with Sarah Richardson who if you could would really appreciate it if you would pray for her parents, they are making her wait a year before she can get baptized, which means she has to wait 2 years before she can get married to Thomas Vance. Crazy stuff but she is amazing and has a solid testimony.
Friday night we had another great date night with the Buers, mom you got that picture. They are such a great couple, we haven't really met their kids because they are always asleep before we get there. But they are such a great couple and they enjoy having us over which is really great!
Saturday... Happy Birthday Justin! Today I went on exchanges with a kid from the singles ward who just recently got off of his mission, we went out to crozet and was able to meet with Lisa. It was sweet being in charge and taking the lead in the lesson, it went really well. Lisa says the church is to white for her... :( sad day, but we found out that her 13 year old son wants to start taking lessons with us which is so great! Then that was really it.
Sunday was absolutely amazing! I was so nervous though because I had to teach the gospel principles class on tithing and fast offerings. Which actually went great!!! I loved it so much and I was totally being led by the spirit in what I said, it was absolutely amazing!!! Often times we look over tithing or we don't fast with a purpose, but we receive such great blessings when we do these things! 3 Nephi 24:10, great promised blessings! And then we had our 5th Sunday of the month meeting, and talked about our ward mission plan! We're really focusing on and prayer. Praying for missionaries world wide, praying for missionaries in your area individually by name, and praying for your own missionary oppertunities. Missionary work will soar if all members did these things. Then the making a profile on and sending videos and posting it to your facebook will work a bunch too. After that we met with Natalie, and like I said, things are getting hard, but we really helped her out and things are still good. I got lip gloss all over my white shirt because her daughter kept trying to kiss me... She is a cute little girl, but she knows how to get in your space, haha. She's in love with me... hahahaha
Well that was pretty much my week, thank ya'll ;) for your support and for everything that you do, I love you all, and you are in my prayers!

With Love,
Elder Hopkins

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