Friday, September 17, 2010

My Testimony - 08/23/10

I'll just end it kind of short and sweet, I love all of you. Serving a mission, even though it's been just about 4 weeks now (not counting the MTC) has been so amazing. I'm so glad I decided to come and serve the Lord. Of course there are times when I think of home, but nothing makes me happier than having an amazing lesson, or an amazing study in the morning! I've felt the spirit so strongly and been led by that spirit already so many times. I can't wait for more of those amazing opportunities! They truly are the greatest things ever! I love my mission, I love the people, and I love my companions and all others who are here with me. I thank you so much for your love and support from back home and really does mean so much to me. I love this work, our mission is exploding!!! In our area we have 20 people set for baptism this next week, our goal is 23 and I'm sure we are going to crush that goal! Now that school is starting, it starts tomorrow, things are going to change, we actually get to see people on campus and start up conversations with people! THINGS ARE GOING TO HAPPEN HERE!!! I am so so so excited (also kind of scarred... haha since I'm such a talkative person) but truth be told I am a more talkative person, the Lord has helped me so much in that and I am so grateful that he has. I love learning about this gospel, I love teaching people of the happiness that it can bring into their lives and into the lives of their loved ones. You are all missionaries as well, please please PLEASE go onto, make a profile, send videos, and connect it to your facebook page! We can use the internet for good, why not use it!? I challenge all of you to do this, to go onto and make a profile and send a video to one person so they can do the same! This is a new focus that the church has and it is amazing, people love it here! Anyways, I'm so grateful for each and every single one of you. I've said this before, but you are getting these e-mails for a reason, you've impacted my life and I am so grateful for that. This church is true... it is growing, People are coming to know of the things that we have known, it has to be true!!! I know it is, I know this gospel is true and I know that my Savior lives and we can live with him again! Endure to the end, grow in faith, we can never have to much faith, repent and follow the commandments and we are promised that we will have eternal life! 2 Nephi 31:20. Thank you for everything, have a great week, enjoy all of your blessings, and write me anytime you have a question or want to say hi ;) I'm here for you, my work isn't just here, I want to help all of you increase your faith as well! I love you and best of luck in all that you do!

With love,

Elder Hopkins

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