Friday, September 17, 2010

•Another week in Virginia ‏ - 08/30/10

Hello everyone!

Ha-ha these titles for the e-mails are funny... Maybe I'll get clever sometime and actually make a good one. Alright so we just got done playing basketball, eating lunch, and cleaning our apartment, fun stuff right!? Ha-ha, but basketball was way fun, a member comes and plays with us, and his name is Brother Bishop, um... He went up for a lay-up and I totally pinned him up on the backboard, hahaha oh man it's a lot of fun. I love these Elders, it is so much fun to just play around with them and talk about things, it's all so great! So starting from last Tuesday: We went and drew a huge MORMON.ORG (and I mean huge) chalk drawing on campus where a lot of people walk by, it was a lot fun! After that we drove around but it wasn't the most successful day, a lot of people weren't home when we were supposed to see them or they rescheduled, but that night we got to play basketball with some less actives and investigators. That was a lot of fun, just tore it up there. haha, but we got to talk to a lot of them, they are all black, so me dunking it really gained some respect. ;) but that was pretty much it for Tuesday. Wednesday we went and saw Nan Mosley, we talked to her about baptism and the importance of it and what happens after we're baptized, she says she wants to get baptized but she just won't set a date, it's kind of frustrating but it will happen when it needs to happen, she is a great lady and loves missionaries, but she definitely has her own pace. After that we went to see Natalie Sikes, who is just soooo solid! We taught her about the Word of Wisdom, the Law of Chastity, and the 10 Commandments. It was a really good lesson and we committed her to stop drinking coffee and she hasn't had any since, and she thought it would be super hard to stop! Amazing stuff!!! After talking to her we go to see Shauntay who would go to the singles ward, but as we go there we see a note on the door by her roommate saying that she has to move out! It was kind of sad but we just had to leave it at that... Then we went to see Kendra who is a member, but going through some pretty hard times, we talked to her about hope and it was a great lesson, in PMG under christlike attributes. Then we go to our new bishop’s house for a meeting, and he lives on this huge farm! He had so much land; there is even a little airport! haha then that was that day. :) Oh also, look up Josh Groban - You Are Loved! haha, it's a good song that we listened to with Kendra. Thursday we had a district meeting which was good, just talked about what's going on where, then we always go to Asian Fusion after a district meeting, which is an amazing Chinese buffet! :) :) After that more unsuccessful meetings, but then we go and see Sarah Richardson who is engaged to Brother Vance, we watched the video Finding Faith in Christ and talked about faith and increasing it, such an amazing lesson, it was totally led by the spirit which is always the best having that divine companionship with us! Speaking of that, look up the Divine Companionship talk by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland. :) Then we went to Sister Kirby who is a less active and just read scriptures with her and made sure she understands, we also talked quite a bit about faith, so we read Ether 12 and Alma 32, some of my favorite scriptures! On Friday we had weekly planning, which always builds up our companionship, then we had a meeting with Brother Snow who is the bishops brother, who used to be bishop and just met with him and talked to him about things that were happening. Then we go and see Sister Kirby, we talked to her about revelation and how we receive it and the importance of it, lessons with members is always so amazing because we can go deeper into the doctrine. I'm going to send this one but hopefully I will get to get back on here in a minute, time ran out at the library so we'll see if I can get back on. I love you all!!!

Elder Hopkins

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