Sunday, November 28, 2010

Another Great Week 11/08/10

Good Morning,

This week was great, starting with Monday we went and played ultimate frisbee! It was a lot of fun and I got some good pictures on that. We went to see Melany who is less-active and her friend who had some questions. It is so cool to be able to answer peoples questions and to really clear up some confusion that they have had. Then we ended that night with FHE with the singles. Tuesday was such a great day! I love being a missionary so much... We have been so busy, we just keep finding people to teach, this area is so ripe I love it. We met with Jimmy who is agnostic, and we shared the Restoration with him, our unique message to the world. We talked with Tabitha and she had a bunch of questions about church and stuff like that so we were able to help her and we invited her to church. Ends up she couldn't make it, but she is totally planning on coming so that's really good. More lessons and stuff and then we went finding in a place we like to call Disney Land. There are so many apartments full of college students there, it wasn't one of our successful nights but we were able to talk to some people so that was good. :) Wednesday we went onto JMU and tried to hand out copies of the Book of Mormon to people and talk to them. The real highlight of that day was that night, when we met with Ed and Judy. They are amazing and I love them so much. We talked to them about eternal marriage and I just expressed my love for my family. How comforting it is to me that we can be together forever and I got all choked up, ya ya I'm a baby, but the spirit was so strong in that room and that lesson was just amazing. Ed is ready to be baptized, he is just waiting for Judy who still isn't quite ready, but she will be really soon I'm sure of it. :) Speaking by the spirit is soooo amazing, it is the greatest feeling ever and we get to experience that every single day! I love it so much! :) Thursday was good, we got to see Kat, she is doing amazing! She loves to read the Book of Mormon, she loves meeting with us, her goal in meeting with us is to be happy. That is what missionaries do!! haha, so things there are really good! :) Friday we had a zone meeting so I got to see all my friends in Charlottesville, it was great. Also President Perry was there which was great. :) We are going to be a pilot mission, here in about 2 weeks we get texting! Daily contact is gonna rock and the work is gonna explode it's gonna be sooo sweet! More lessons that night, just the usual missionary life, good stuff. :) Saturday we had a deep cleaning session of our apartment... It's gonna be the first Saturday of every month. WOW... Elder Justice cleaned the oven, and I cleaned the whole fridge area! Mom, you'd be impressed. :) It looks real good let me tell ya. haha, after that we had some following up to do, but not much until some lessons. So it was alright. Sunday, church was great (as always) we had 4 investigators there this week, and then after church... We had some following up, wasn't successful, then 2 HOURS OF FINDING!!!!!!! It was crazy, we had 3 good conversations and 1 return appointment so it was pretty good. Brace yourselves... I'm a talker!!!! hahaha, yup I love talking so there ya go. ;) Anyways that is pretty much my week in a nut shell. I thank you all for your support and your prayers. They are definitely being heard, answered, felt, and noticed. Thank you so much for all that you do. This church is true, the Book of Mormon is true, and Joseph Smith was able to translate it through the power of God. It is amazing, it is true, and it blesses peoples lives and brings happiness. We don't need the answers to every question, we just need to know that the scriptures are true and that Joseph Smith was a true prophet, and we will know what it is that we need to know. This gospel is amazing... Follow the guidance of the prophets and hold fast to the iron rod, the word of God and you will be blessed. Sorry this e-mail is a little all over the place... I hope you all have a great week. Enjoy your own missionary work!! :)

With much love,

Elder Hopkins

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