Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving, a Baptism and Transfer Calls‏ 11/29/10

Hello Everyone,

I think I will start with Thanksgiving, Thursday the 25th. WOW, so the missionaries were able to play in the turkey bowl this year and we got to play 2 hand touch. We played the married people vs. the not married people, haha, they picked the teams. Here are my stats: 5 interceptions (1 returned for a TD) and 7 touchdown passes!!! haha, it was a lot of fun, we ended up winning, but it was getting a little intense, old people who love people get really heated then it gets a little competitive... :) All in all it was a lot of fun. :) After that we got to relax the whole day until Thanksgiving dinner, Elder Justice and I went to our ward mission leaders home, it was really great! Here are some scriptures that I looked up for the lesson afterwards: *D&C 78:19, *Alma 37:37, *Alma 7:23, *2 Corinthians 9:15 cross reference to James 1:17. Those ones are my favorite! :)
Now I'll skip ahead to Saturday... MARIO'S BAPTISM!!! We weren't able to see him at all the past week until Saturday morning, it was pretty rough but it went good. :) After we talked with him we went and got everything ready at the church. Mario allowed me to be the one to baptize him... what an AMAZING experience! I took some pictures that I can send home some time. After we do the baptism we go into the bathroom to change, he just tells me how good he feels and how much he enjoyed it! Oh it was so great! The spirit was so strong, Elder Justice gave a talk on the baptism and Elder Carpenter gave a talk on the Holy Ghost, it was so amazing and he just loved it all! :) Sunday, we were able to confirm him, someone from the ward did that while the missionaries stood in, confirming someone is such an amazing feeling as well, when they receive the Holy Ghost you can feel it, and they can feel it as well!!! Sundays are the greatest, and Sundays like that are even better! Amazing stuff. :)
Now for some more big news... We received transfer calls last night... Oh man, they are so intense, we were all playing LIFE and the phone calls start happening! Elder Carpenter got the 1st one, he is going to be a Zone Leader in Richmond, it's so cool, he is such a great missionary! Elder Caldwell is staying here (he was trained by Elder Carpenter). Then we got the next phone call. President Perry talks to Elder Justice for a little while, he is going to Virginia Beach! Then I get the phone... President tells me about trainers, in the Leadership meeting he said how training is the highest thing you can do as a missionary... Then he says that I am going to train!!!! Also, I'm staying in Harrisonburg and I'm going to be the District Leader! It's crazy, I'm excited to stay here because there is so much that is happening right now! So that is the news on that.
I hope everyone is doing good, I hope and pray that you will all have a great week and enjoy the winter season. I love you all, thank you for all that you do.

With love,

Elder Hopkins

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