Sunday, November 28, 2010

Stepping It Up!! 11/15/10

Hello and good morning from Virginia!!!!

This last week was so amazing! I'll start off with Tuesday, the bad day, Every lesson except for the one at 6 at night canceled! It was really rough, but the day still went alright, a lot of tracting and talking to people everywhere so it was good. That lesson at 6 we went on exchanges and Elder Caldwell came with me and we taught this less-active about patience and being patient through all kinds of trials and rough times in life. That lesson was so amazing, she went out after that and talked to a lot of her friends about it and started doing some missionary work because of it, it was way sweet to hear about that. Wednesday was the start of our "car fast" where we can't use our cars until 5:00. Lucky thing is we have a member, Alex, who drives us around everywhere anyways so it worked out real good. We had 3 lessons in a row in the exact same spot too so it worked out really well! :) Later that night we went to see Ed and Judy at 7, we watched Finding Faith in Christ, it such an amazing and powerful movie. After we watch it the spirit was so strong... but... (aren't buts awful) Our ward mission leader is really smart, he knows a lot about the gospel, and he went off for such a long time talking about who knows what, some book he brought for them to read. Elder Justice and I got to say a little bit right after the movie but then he just took over! It was pretty rough. Now for a story... Driving home from the lesson we're running a little late... the second stop sign I see a car coming so I do a little stop and go because we're in a hurry... Turns out it's a cop!!! Alex was telling us how the cops in Virginia are awful and will give you tickets for the littlest thing and find more reasons to give you tickets. I pull out the license and registration and give it to him and he asks who owns the car, "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints!" That's what I said not knowing if it'll help or not. haha (in Utah it would) ;) He comes back and points out that my license says VOID on it!!! Are you kidding me, when I went to get my Virginia license they stamped that in there, real good... I told him my license was in the mail, or at least it should be, and he just gives me a warning!!!!!!!!!!! I was freaking out, so I pulled over and now Elder Justice drives until I get my license. hahaha. Mom, don't freak out to much, I'm good. Driving will improve I promise. :) So ya, that was pretty intense. Now for Thursday, this is when things start getting really good! We have a district meeting and the Elder Comer and Elder Dyer come up for it. After the district meeting Elder Carpenter and myself are told we're going to ZLC!!! (Zone Leader Conference) How cool is that!? So we drive down to C-Ville right after that and do our stuff then drive to Richmond that night for the meeting! Friday we get to play basketball at 5:30 in the morning, haha it was a lot of fun! Then we went to ZLC from 9 am to 3 pm. It was such an amazing meeting, we were there with all of the leaders of the mission, the zone leaders, the mission president and his wife, and two guys from the mission board or something big like that! Amazing!!! That was my Friday! :) :) Oh ya, also there was a baptism, I missed it because the meeting went to long. Her name is Logan Douglas and she was investigating the church for 2 years before she finally got baptized, but I heard it was a great meeting. Kat, an investigator got up and bore her testimony there!!! Next time we meet with her we're planning on setting her for baptism! :) Saturday we got to play ultimate frisbee with the singles here, we're setting that up here it's real cool! :) Then we have a bunch of lessons. Sunday we have 6 investigators at church!!!!!!!!!!! That is sooooo cool! Then we had 2 non-members who we aren't even teaching! Harrisonburg is being blessed and we get to witness it first hand! After church we went to meet Mario, who is set to be baptized on the 27th of this month! His friend, one of the people who were at church sat down after the lesson and asked us some questions. She goes to a satanic church... scary! But we answered all of her questions and she is going to read the book of mormon. We find out later that night from Mario that she wants to be baptized! The spirit worked at her, it's so sweet! So ya, we also had dinner at the Alvords, they are a great family so that was really good too. After dinner we go to an old folks home and sing hymns with the single adults, it was really good and the people there loved it! More big news... I get to go to leadership training this week!!!!!!! Most of the leaders are leaving either this next transfer, or the one after that, so it looks like President is getting more ready. Elder Carpenter, Elder Harris, Elder Dyer, and myself are going to have to step up it looks like. haha, it's pretty scary but I'm so excited! (there is a good but) hahaha, so ya that is what is happening. Prayers are answered, I can see it and I can feel them, thank you so much for all that you do. Stay close to the Lord and he will bless you, read the scriptures because they are the word of God and they are true! I love you all, continue to be an example and follow the Savior. I hope you all have a good week and stay safe!

Much Love,

Elder Hopkins

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