Monday, October 18, 2010

Bye-Bye Charlottesville...‏ 10/18/10

Good Afternoon!

Well by the title of the subject... I better get into the news. I'm leaving Charlottesville... :( It's rough, Elder BrockBank is also leaving, he's going to Richmond and Elder Comer is staying here which will be really good. The good news is that I get to stay in the zone, I'm moving to Harrisonburg 2nd!!! That's not all, I'M SENIOR COMPANION!!! Which is crazy, I've only been out... what 4 months? and my companion, Elder Justice, is leaving in May, he's a vet and I'm going to be senior, it's soooo crazy! I'm so nervous, but of course, those the Lord calls He qualifies, so I'll definitely be getting some help from the spirit. :) Here's the new address:

1721 Park Rd. Apt. D
Harrisonburg, VA 22802

So there ya go, send what you want. haha. So that is that big news, I'm pretty excited, I'm definitely going to grow from this experience. It is going to be hard to leave this area, but I know that the Lord's hand is in all things and He is controlling His work and He won't let it slip up... I know that area has a lot of improvement and I feel that is why I'm going there, it has potential and I'm going to do my best to help it out and help the people come to Christ as best as I can.
I sure everyone is doing good, I hope work, school, and anything else that you are doing is going well. I pray for you all and know that the Lord loves each and every single one of you. :) Even though transfers can be rough... I love the life of a missionary... I'm excited to grow and see new things and meet new people. As long as we do what we know we are supposed to we can still rejoice... Keep the commandments and you will prosper. :) I love you all, continue to make right choices and hold on the iron rod, help others take hold and help them hold tight, we are disciples of Christ, this is His work and His glory, it is divine, the plan is divine and perfect and it is up to us to do our best to follow Christ's example and have eternal life, which gift is the greatest of all the gifts of God. I love you...

Elder Hopkins :)

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