Monday, October 4, 2010

Great Stuff!! 10/04/10

Hello Everyone,

This week has been great, a lot of time to study and a lot of things happened... mostly this weekend! :) Alright, so on Tuesday Elder BrockBank has been sick for quite sometime and I had to stay home with him on Tuesday, it wasn't completely bad... I read a lot, got a lot of studying in and I was able to right a really long presidents letter. haha. I also made this delicious chicken! :) Talk about Mr. Chef. ;) That's the excitement for Tuesday. ;) Wednesday was better, we had District Meeting which is always good and we usually learn quite a bit, it was nice. After we went to Asian Fusion as we always do! :) Good Stuff. After that I went out with the 2nd ward Elders and visited some people. Thursday there was a whole bunch of stuff going on with a family that is investigating the church, I'm not going to go into details but it was some tough stuff, a lot of stress going on in the morning trying to help them out, which we finally did so that was good. After that it was again my turn to stay home with Elder BrockBank so we learned some more, then I went off with the 2nd ward Elders again and got to play some basketball that night with investigators, it was all good, but a pretty rough day. Friday was great, we started off with weekly planning... which really isn't that great but still, after we went and saw Sister Peterson, who is going through a rough time and we were able to just go over and really comfort her and help her and her daughter out. After visiting with her we went and saw Maurine Anderson, a recent convert who just loves missionary work, so that is great! Then we went to dinner with the Jones family! They took us to Asian Fusion!!! haha oh good stuff, I haven't said anything yet... but I'm gaining wait!!! hahaha, I'm 185 now. :) just sayin. After dinner we got to go have our interviews with the President! He is absolutely amazing! I already have a great name in the mission. :) People trust me, and he told me that I am going to be a leader very soon. He told Elder BrockBank he received revelation that I am going to get stretched and that I am going to get exchanged this next exchange. WOW! haha, so after that we went and saw Sister Kirby who is just doing amazing!!! She has stopped smoking for a week and a half now and is just back on the right path with both hands on the iron rod! Great stuff! Alright now to the weekend......... Can I say... It was absolutely amazing! General Conference in the mission field is the GREATEST!!! Before I get into that, Saturday morning, before conference, Elder Harris, Elder Bobo, and myself go to meet Nan Mosely, the eternal investigator for like 30 years! This was the make or break it meeting... Either we set her for baptism, or we have to drop her for a little bit... Which is just awful. So it's the youngins who go to see her... It was an amazing meeting, I was soooooo BOLD with her and taught her the doctrine of baptism and how the Savior said: "Come follow me" Elder Bobo showed her love and compassion, and Elder Harris and myself set her for baptism!!!!!!!!! October 16th!!! It is an absolute MIRACLE!!!! That's better than great... That's AMAZING! haha, I was sooooo pumped, I still am! :) :) Alright, I don't want to go into too much detail about conference... Family I'll send you a letter, and there will probably be a letter for others, and if you write me there will be one for you too. ;) Miracles happen, the spirit is amazing. Prophets are real, and they are called of God. We have a prophet on the Earth today... Thomas S. Monson and his apostles are called of God and we got to listen to them! What an amazing blessing that is! We had 2 investigators come to the Sunday morning session, one of them loved it and the other is still really skeptical about the whole thing. WOW, those talks are amazing... I can't even truly put into words how I felt... Everything that was said was of God... They are just the mouthpieces for what He wants us to hear. They are inspired, they receive revelation for what it is that needs to be said and they follow that revelation, and a good thing too! It was cool, in Priesthood Session, the choir, I saw: Jared Keetch, Tyler Mickleson, Josh Stewart, and Cole Jolley. All kids that I have known growing up, they did an amazing job, missionaries are awesome! haha, but ya that was just pretty sweet. I would like to receive letters on the talks and insight that you received the most out of. If that made any sense... haha, that would just be really cool to see different sides of these amazing talks. I really hope you were all able to enjoy what you heard. Another 6 months until we get to be spiritually fed like that again... Its not very often we get to hear Prophets and Apostles speak directly to us, we need to treasure that moment, don't forget what you heard, don't forget the way you felt. In the scriptures you always see remember remember... Why? Because the people forget to easily, we need to REMEMBER!! Don't forget the things you've heard and the way you have felt, those feelings of the spirit are there because it is letting you know that the things that you hear are TRUE!! I know that what we heard is of God, we were all able to get something out of what we heard. I love this gospel, I love our prophets and apostles, I love every leader in the church, they are called for a reason. I love my family, another amazing blessing that we cannot buy! We need to be grateful for our blessings and thank our Father in Heaven for what we have... I love my Savior, our Savior, Jesus Christ, and I know that He truly is the Christ. I love you, I am so grateful for your support and your prayers. Don't forget, remember remember all that He has done for us.

I love you all,

Elder Hopkins

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