Tuesday, October 12, 2010

•Cville! :)‏ 10/12/10

Good afternoon! (or good morning for you in the west coast) haha,

This week was a good one, as I've been saying the life of a missionary is the greatest! I love it! :) First thing is first... Eric... HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDDY! (last week) :) I'm sending you a little something today, I was going to send it last week but I couldn't get you what I wanted to, so be expecting something. ;) Sounds like everyone is doing good and I love that, we should be enjoying each other’s company and it sounds like everyone is having fun.
So now to the missionary work, haha, on Tuesday we had our weekly lemonade stand, which is going to be changing to a hot chocolate stand! How cool is that? The stands are so successful, we get to make peoples days! People receive drinks, both temporally and spiritually ;) because they get to hear about the gospel and receive copies of the Book of Mormon which is the greatest fruit there is! :) Doing that is just so much fun, we get to meet all kinds of new people and just talk to them and get to know them, we complement people all day, mostly because this campus is just amazing! UVA is such a beautiful campus and they really do have great people here. :) After that we met up with a recent convert, Maurine, she is great and loves doing missionary work which is great, the next time we meet with her she said she would have someone there with her! Such great stuff. After that we went and visited Lisa, who used to have a baptismal date, she doesn't want to meet with us anymore but her son does! He says he has dreams of him being a missionary, it is way cool. With him meeting with us I'm positive she will meet with us as well and things will get better. Then we met with our ward mission leader of the singles ward who returned home from Guatemala doing work there. So we caught him up with things that are going on, he's a great guy and it's great to have him back. Wednesday not too much, I went on exchanges with the 1st ward elders and met with some of the people they meet with which is always great. Going on exchanges is awesome because I really get to see how missionary work is done so many different ways. When we met up with my companions again we met with Joseph Glass, a member in the singles ward, we got him hyped up on missionary work again and he is really excited to start doing his own missionary work. :) Everyone can do missionary work that is what we are trying to get the members to notice!! Thursday! (Eric's birthday) :) We had our weekly planning session... haha that is just LOADS of fun! ;) After that we met with Nan again, talked to her about the baptismal interview questions and she is improving so much! Later we met with Meagan Lake, the relief society pres. and just really focused on her needs, and then met with the Richardson’s and watched "Together Forever" with them. Old school movie but gets the point across of an eternal family! :) Then we went to institute. :) Friday we had a great Zone Meeting, my companions are the greatest, they are so powerful, they know what they are talking about, and they know how to really invite the spirit, it was so amazing and it got everyone really fired up! :) We met with Nan again and focused on her needs before her interview and got her ready, so that was good. Then later that night we met with Cara Montagna who is improving really well. She still has a long way to go but she's getting there, we talked to her about the atonement and the restoration and watched that video with her and it was way powerful and she is really accepting everything and wanting to change! :) Good stuff. :) Saturday Nan had her baptismal interview and she PASSED!!!!! She's moving right along and getting closer to getting baptized! She moved her date to the 23rd, which is a little scary she wants to move it back, but at least she has still set a date! So please pray for her and that would help out a bunch. :) We were able to go to Saturday sports finally, haha, that was a lot of fun, more ultimate Frisbee and my team just tore it up! :) We won every game it was so sweet! haha, that night we met with Natalie, and we talked to her about enduring to the end. She's been struggling with some stuff but nothing that the gospel of Jesus Christ can't help with. She's good and is still doing missionary work, haha, she is just so great! :) Then we met with Sister Kirby and she has quit smoking now for 3 weeks! She has improved so much and it is so great to see the change in her and her desire to go to church and read the scriptures. :) Sunday was great as well, as it always is. The wards big focus is missionary work and it is so great to see everyone so pumped and excited to invite people to our activities which is going to help out soooo much! Afterwards we had munch and mingle which was great, we just get to talk to the members and interact with each other, it's great stuff. Then we had to do numbers which took forever! Monday we had a zone p-day, which was so great! The whole zone came to our church and we played volleyball and basketball, pretty much it was a BLAST!!! Then we went to FHE that night where we had a bonfire and had smores and all that good stuff, it was amazing! :)
That was my week, I just realized I really ramble on about this stuff so I apologize for that. Still haven't gotten very organized about how to share everything... Like I said at the beginning though... I love the life of a missionary. It is so great and I love it. Thank ya'll ;) for your love and your support. Thank you for everything that you do and your amazing examples. We are truly blessed in so many ways and I hope you slow down and focus on the more important things in life. I love you and I wish you all the best!

With Love,

Elder Hopkins

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