Tuesday, January 25, 2011

2011!!! 01/03/11

Hello everyone!!! Happy New Year!

Wow, this past week has been an amazing experience!!! Not just the start of a new year, but the amazing miracles that we were able to see and be a part of. I guess I'll go back and start with Tuesday... The gospel of Jesus Christ changes lives, and we get to see it happen every single day. We went to a members home, was baptized last year, and met with him. He has a lot of challenges, a lot of mental, and emotional problems. He has a soft heart and he loves God and Jesus, he just has a lot of depression and bad thoughts. Anyways, talking to him about the atonement of our Savior and sharing some scriptures with him and inviting him to read some chapters are changing him yet again. In PMG pg 19 I believe it is there is a quote on the side, it says something along the lines of... "true doctrine understood will change attitude and behavior better than a study of behavior." How true! The doctrine, the scriptures, the things that the Prophets say will change us for the better, always for the better. Mario, we met with him that night wants to go on a mission so bad! :) It is the coolest thing, he has the strongest desire to go out and share this that has made him so happy! :) Wednesday, another thing about the gospel is that it makes sense to people! Erol, a former investigator that we visited told us how everything makes sense. I told him that if he would continue to meet with us that we can show him how more of it makes sense and that he will be able to know if it is true. He accepted, then I challenged him to baptized when he came to know it is true, and he said yes! All that we have to do now is be the mouth piece for the great member of the God Head: The Holy Ghost, who will testify the truth to him and prick his heart! :) Then for the amazing part of that night... Ed and Judy, we go to see them at 7:30 and we talk to them about how the gospel blesses families. Brother Larsen, our ward mission leader, let us talk this time (he likes to talk a lot). Again, I was led by the spirit at the end of the lesson, Judy knows it is true, she feels the spirit and she felt it that night again, and they both accepted baptism. They will be baptized on the 29th of January, I ask that you will keep them in your prayers. We are 19, 20, 21 year old boys. Yes, boys. haha. There is something greater in this work, and it is our Father in Heaven, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost. Gods, at our side and in all that we do. What an amazing feeling and blessing, and you don't have to be a missionary, set apart, with a nametag to experience that. Every member is a missionary! You are all powerful disciples of Christ, be the example, strive to be like Christ, and you will always find joy in whatever you do. I love this gospel with all of my heart, and I am so blessed that I am trusted with this amazing calling from our Father in Heaven. This work is divine, we as members of the church are building the kingdom of Heaven. I want to say D&C 64:33 and 34. I found that scripture recently and it really helped, enjoy the doctrine and the gospel of Christ, it WILL change your attitude and it WILL change your behavior. I can promise you that as a representative of our Savior Jesus Christ.
I hope you all have a great new year! I hope you all stay safe. Also I hope that you will all enjoy the blessings we receive from this wonderful gospel and from being members of the true church here on Earth. I love you all and thank you all so much!

With much love,

Elder Hopkins

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