Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Snow Reports and Martin Lurther King - 1/18/11

Dear mother, ;)

Well we were definitely one of the 49 states with snow. I'm guessing Hawaii didn't? haha, a lot of stuff does stop when there is snow but this one wasn't even that bad. There might have been an inch? Sorry, not much of an update on the area, yes I am still with Elder Van Wagoner, and I haven't even been training this whole time. haha, he's doing great and just a stud. You said you weren't sure if you were going to get an e-mail this week... well SURPRISE!!! haha, we still get to e-mail just when we have some time. Kat is a student at JMU, I wrote a lot about that in my letter so I will let you have that. Pretty amazing stuff. :) Sounds like having the Palfreymans over sure was fun, yes it is always fun when that happens! Tell them I say hi and that I love them. Talking about the Palfreymans I was always wondering how they were doing, I have been wanting to write them but lately there hasn't been time to write much letters with other stuff going on. It's too bad that Aubrey had a bad experience at Snow, I know she was excited for that. College has a lot of things happening there and a lot of rough stuff goes on. Like my first roommate at Northwest before he got kicked out. Not good. I think that was amazing of her to be able to come back home because she knows that it will be better for her to stay on the right path and keep her standards. Wow, what an example that is. :) Aubs is awesome! :) Also hearing that she is thinking about a mission put the biggest smile on my face!!! That would be so sweet, and let her know that if she has any questions about anything she can let me know. :) haha mom, it sounds like you are in the loop for everything! Chantz, Aubrey, Megan, haha it's just funny hearing all of these things from you. There it comes back to that stripling warrior story, they did not doubt for their mothers knew it. I know you know everything, that is just what moms do. haha :D I'm glad you are excited to study the new testament. The Saviors earthly ministry is absolutely amazing!!! You will be able to learn so much from the things that you read and pray about from that. Maybe I'll include some of my favorite new testament scriptures in my next letter if I remember. haha, but anyways I want you to know how much I love you mom. You are so great and I want you to know that you are the greatest blessing in my life I never asked for. :) Thank you for all that you have done, do and continue to do. I love you. I hope you have a great week and good luck in school and everything else you do!

Much much love,

Elder Neil Hopkins

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