Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Baptism ! 1/24/11

Hello from Virginia!

The baptism...!!!!!!!! WOW, it was absolutely amazing!!! The whole thing was just awesome, she had like 30 or more of her friends from JMU and even some from Jersey come to see it. Robert is right, these are the greatest things ever, seeing them dressed in white ready to make this covenant with their Father in Heaven is absolutely amazing and something you will never forget. The fact that she wanted me to baptize her is also amazing, and I couldn't have been happier. Going into the water and performing this ordinance is amazing, there aren't really enough words to describe the way you feel. After the whole baptism we were able to mingle and talk with people. Talking to some of her friends they all loved it, we were able to talk to a few of them who are even interested in learning more about it!!! Kat is going to be a great missionary, and she loves sharing the gospel with people so while we aren't there she will always be around her friends being an example and helping them feel the same way she feels. :) There are so many things happening here and we are just being so blessed. Now the time comes for me to leave my area of Harrisonburg... Right now I am in Charlottesville, and then I will be traveling to Richmond for a leadership meeting. The meeting goes all week, until Friday night, and these are just the greatest things ever. We get to learn and hear from the AP's and the President on how we can help others, help ourselves, and help our investigators and our areas! This week is going to be a spiritual high and there are so many amazing things that happen during this week, like last leadership meeting there was so many amazing miracles and blessings that happened, so I'm really excited. What will be really good as well is the fact that when I get back there will be a baptism on Saturday again!!! Ed and Judy Young are going to be baptized and they are just amazing... I seem to be saying amazing a lot... anyways! They are!!! ;) Like I said we are just being so blessed right now and I hope and pray that we will continue to have the opportunities that we are having now. Sounds like things back home are... good. With everyone away, people enjoying cruises and dad in Arizona. Utah and Virginia sure are cold, haha. It's been below 0 some days in Harrisonburg thanks to the wind chill, other than that it's alright, haha. So going with the whole out of shape thing, yes we have our 30 minutes of work out in the morning, haha, consisting of sit-ups and push-ups, but that doesn't help much with the conditioning side of things which I was talking about. Yes, it would be possible to go outside and run in the mornings, the only down side to that would be freezing before we even get out the door. haha, but no things are great and I'll just get to run when it gets warmer! Basketball that day was a lot of fun, I held my own, just when we got to the post he tore me up!!! (that is the player from UVU) he's a beast, but we have our differences which will happen any where we go. What's awesome is these meetings we get to play basketball every morning with the other missionaries!!! Wow, it is going to be such a blast!!! :) That is really all I have to say today, I hope you all have a great week and you continue to be blessed. Heavenly Father loves you very much and so do I. Never forget to put your trust in God. I love you.

Much love,

Elder Hopkins

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