Friday, May 6, 2011

Amazing Week - 04/25/11

Hello Hello!

This week has been great, there have been so many things going on this week!!! Chesapeake is turning around and it's just so exciting! I'll tell you more about that in a second, first for some little news... Yes, I got the package, thank you so much for everything in there I love it! I was wondering, on the debit card there is the phone number I need to call but it says I need to call from my home phone, if that is so here is the phone number: 843-871-5095, so there is that. Also, I would still like to know my pin number for it, that would be nice, haha. Really though, thank you for everything in there it is great! HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!! It was yesterday but I didn't get to do that, haha. I want to ask a HUGE favor for every reads this before Wednesday... Will you keep me in your prayers? Nothing serious, a member here in Chesapeake takes all the missionaries to a place called Buffalo Wild Wings, its a great place, but they have a challenge for people. That challenge is to eat 6 wings in 12 minutes... sounds easy right? The catch is that all of the wings are covered with their blazin sauce!!!!!! IT IS FIERY HOT!!!! Well family, and maybe some friends you know how I am with hot things, although I have been preparing myself eating all kinds of hot peppers and just suffering through the pain these wings are ultra hot, so really just wish me luck, haha. That will be Wednesday at 12, hahahaha. That's really it there, as for this amazing week, this area has been a little slow, but we haven't stopped trying to find people to teach and inviting people to come to Christ. We have been meeeting with the black sister named Tanya who just got married to her Jehovahs Witness now husband, we have been taking movies over there because she gets the most out of those, and we come to find out that Johnny (the husband) is now interested as well! We watch Joseph Smith the Prophet of the Restoration with them and they just love it! The next meeting we come over to talk about in a little more depth, we end up setting her for baptism on May 28th! Her hold up right now is her foot, it is all swollen because of blood clots, so if you could just keep her in your prayers that would be awesome! Also later this week we were able to find 2 more people to teach. Al and Steve, they are also black and they are sooooo solid. They wanted us to come back, they had awesome questions and were so interested, Al drives so they can come to church which is usually the hard thing since usually people in that area don't have cars or things like that, so it is amazing, they have the internet so we were able to get them onto and they just love everything! I LOVE IT!!! Amazing things are happening and hopefully they will continue to progress. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ, it is what's needed for happiness. People who hear about it recognize it, and it is an amazing process to be apart of. I love all of you and I hope you have a great week! Mom... I'll talk to you soon. :) I love you.

Much love,

Elder Hopkins

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