Friday, May 6, 2011

Hello From Chesapeake - 02/28/11

Mom you are right, it was bitter sweet but I am so excited to be here! I've already been able to travel into North Carolina and visit some of the missionaries down there and help them prepare to be a district leader. We went to Currituck and went near the ocean, it was soooo sweet! :) Leaving the friends that I had made in Harrisonburg was hard, leaving the missionaries, the ward, and the investigators, also the recent converts was hard, but what is great is all of the missionaries are called of God and they are called there for a reason. Elder Bangerter, the missionary who went in for me will be great there, also Elder Van Wagoner will have a great oppertunity to lead out and really open up which will be great! I can already tell that becoming a zone leader here will be a huge, and great learning experience and I am very excited for it. Being here for the little bit that I have been I'm thinking it will be a little hard to gain some of the respect from other missionaries who have been out a lot longer than I have and helping them realize that it doesn't matter who is at what position, Elder Gill and myself have both decided it all comes down to charity, the pure love of Christ, we are striving to love them no matter what and do whatever we can to help them! The area that we are in is kind of slow, not much going on, but hopefully we can change that. I've really been praying for the strength and the courage to talk to everyone and share something with everyone so we will see how that goes. Things need to happen here, all we need to do is put our trust and our faith in the Lord and I know that he will help us. He is in all that we do and it is amazing to feel his presence when we knock on a door or stop to talk to someone on the street. I ask that you will just keep us and the missionaries here in your prayers, the more the merrier! :) This Wednesday we have a Zone Leader Council and the Friday will be my first zone meeting as the zone leader, I'm a little nervous but again, just put my faith and trust in the Lord and as long as I prepare I need not fear. ;) I really am excited though to have the whole zone together and really get to know them better. I do know a lot of the missionaries in the zone, I've been on some exchanges with them at leadership, or they've served in Charlottesville or something, but now I will really get to know them and be a part of all the amazing things they do as a representative of our Savior Jesus Christ. Amazing stuff! :) We serve in a family ward and a singles branch, the branch is so small so there is definitely a lot of work that needs to go on there, other than that it will be great, they are both such great places to be in and it will be good to be a part of their family. :) Tell Rob to have fun, tell Eric to keep it up and just have fun with it, Mom, I wish you the best of luck on your midterms and I'm sure you will do great, you always work so hard! :) Mom, I want YOU to tell Afton hi for me and tell her I love her, you can tell her you love her too. ;) Also let dad know that I love him as well. :) Thank you for all of your support and prayers, they are always felt, so thank you. Let me know if there is anything that I can do for you, to help with the family. I love you and I hope you all have a great and safe week! :)

With Love,

Elder Hopkins

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