Friday, May 6, 2011

The Aunts - 01/31/11

Dear Mom,

I'm so glad that you were able to hear from them, it was such a great experience being able to meet them. Myself and Elder Barson, our zone-leader, were taking our milk to put it in the fridge, we walk in and there they are! Funniest thing, Aunt Phyliss sees me and says, "I know you" I was so confused because I had no clue who she was and then she came up and gave me a big hug, then came Aunt Gagamama, I recognized her. After we hugged she told me who she was and made complete sense!!! Grandma and Aunt Phyliss are exactly alike, haha. They felt bad for hugging me and asked President about it, it was ok, it was just really funny. :) That meal was AMAZING!!! The greatest one ever, and what made it even better, was the rolls!!!!! Oh man, it was soooo good! So ya, that was that, the meetings were amazing, just learning a lot about the 8 focuses: 1. The Doctrine of Christ and our purpose. 2. The role of the Holy Ghost in conversion. 3. Revelation through prayer. 4. Revelation through the Book of Mormon. 5. Revelation through church attendance. 6. Teach people, not lessons. 7. We invite, they commit, we follow up. 8. How to begin teaching. These meetings we just get filled with knowledge and the spirit and revelation and inspiration, they are some of the greatest things ever! Four days from 10 to 5, waking up at 5:30 to play basketball then going to bed around 12 or later because of talking to other missionaries, it is a blast! That was pretty much my whole week, because I got home really late on Friday, like 9:40, and then we got prepared for the baptism on Saturday!!! There baptism was so great! They were so happy and they looked really good in white. ;) Ed and Judy were just glowing and they loved the whole thing! Ed's cousin, Roy Young, is the one who got the missionaries over to their house and really invited them to investigate. He was able to come down and to both baptize and confirm both Ed and Judy. That made it even more special, also the fact that both of their children showed up! Hopefully things will work out in the future and they will continue to be the great example that they are to their children. :) Sunday they were both confirmed and since it was the 5th Sunday of the month that means that it is missionary work Sunday. Ed, Judy, and Roy all spoke in sacrament meeting that day. Ed spoke on his process in coming into the church and his love that he has now for the gospel and for the members of the ward. Judy spoke on her experience finishing the Book of Mormon, praying about it, and feeling the Holy Ghost so strongly she didn't want it to leave, Moroni's promise fulfilled. :) Roy spoke on his past, and also helping Ed and Judy in their process of finding the truth. Such an amazing day!!! Please tell Eric that I love him, I feel so bad for him and his knee, and I was never one to help him with his struggles. Ya it's the missionary talking... We always laughed when Robert spoke like this, but it is truly sincere. I really hope everything turns out ok and that he will be able to play and just have fun with it! :) I'm also glad that you were able to talk to "Brother Brockbank" haha, I hope he is doing well, he was such a great missionary, and I really hope he continues to have that desire to serve and love the Lord. Mom I love you so much, I love the family, and I love my friends, I am so grateful for all that you do for me and the love that you show for me as well. This church is true... It brings happiness and peace, and we have the truth, so we need not fear. This work is divine and it is lead by the Head of this Church, our Father in Heaven blesses us and gives us the strength and knowledge that we need to bring more of His sheep into His fold so that they can experience this eternal happiness that we have. I love the life of a missionary, and that will never change. I love this work, I love this gospel, and I love my Father in Heaven, and my Savior Jesus Christ. Continue to follow him...

With much love,

Elder Neil Hopkins

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