Friday, May 6, 2011

Leadership Meetings - 03/28/11

It's good to hear about everyone, and whats going on. Thank you for the information on what everyone is doing, that is really good to hear. With your question I will need to study it a little bit. It is a really good question so I thank you for that! :) The Atonement is a great topic to study, so important and so beneficial. So I'll get on that and probably write or e-mail you next week.

This last week was really good, I went to Richmond for 4 days for the leadership meeting. This wasn't all of the leaders though, they are trying to get everyone to go to these meetings so it was cool to meet a bunch of new missionaries. The spirit was strong as it always is when children of God gather together to discuss on how to build the kingdom of heaven here on earth. Pretty much it's there when children of God gather together period. We got to learn a lot of things and I feel it was really helpful and really beneficial. I went with the missionaries in Midlothian, it was a struggling area, couldn't find anyone to teach and just going really slow. It was Elder Carpenter, Elder Caldwell, his companion Elder Farr and myself. Thursday night President made an amazing promise to all of us and we went tracting that night. We were completely led by the spirit in all that we did and that night we ended up finding 4 new investigators and the night before Elder Carpenter and myself found 1, so we were able to kick off a good start to that area! :) Being a zone leader is a lot of fun but there are some pretty stressful things that come up with other missionaries and it's up to us to help them. I really do love helping other missionaries though, being able to listen to them and just help as best as we can. Anyways this next weekend is General Conference!!! I'm so excited it is the best! I ask that you all prepare yourselves and go into it with a prayer and questions and I promise you that you will recieve an answer to whatever you are looking for, no matter what. Also, this next Sunday is transfer calls! It came so quick, pretty crazy but I think Elder Gill and I will both stay. I am grateful for every single one of you and I wish you all the best of luck in all that you do. I love you all! :)

Until next time,

Elder Hopkins

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