Friday, May 6, 2011

Another Week Bites the Dust.....04/11/11

Good morning Good morning Good morning!!!

Hello everyone, things are going great here in Virginia, still loving it and some days its getting nice and warm and sunny, its nice. ;) Mom, that was a great e-mail, a nice update on people. I'm so glad to hear that dads birthday went well, I hope he got my letter I wrote to him for his birthday. Afton got a new calling, sounds super sweet. Eric is bored for Spring Break... haha, he has his xbox ;) I'm sure Chantz will play with him. Also, the biggest news ever... ROB IS ENGAGED!!! Now, am I wrong? Is he getting engaged soon or is he actually engaged, I'm not 100% sure, but still! That is awesome! This has been a great week of e-mails, thank you. I was wondering if you had ever sent that other memory card for my camera, if so, it never got here. I was also wondering if you ever got my request for some pictures from family, home, what would be cool as well are some pictures from that photo shoot grandma took of me dunking, I never got to see any of those. Anyways... haha, this week has been alright. Transfers came and now we have some new missionaries in the zone. We'll see how it goes, this Wednesday is Zone Leader Council so we really get to discuss things that are going on, also we have a Zone Meeting... They are great, but pretty stressful and they make me nervous because we get to go up and give trainings to all of the other missionaries. I'm pretty sure I'm, no I am sure that I am going to train on Revelation through Church Attendance, it is something that the zone, us included, are struggling with. Getting people to church, those that we are teaching or meeting, things like that. We have decided also that we won't take notes up either, so we write our thoughts down and study it and study scriptures and go up with no notes, it makes it intense but the spirit is really powerful so it helps out. haha. Sometime coming up there is a member that always takes the missionaries to Buffalo Wild Wings, it is a really good place with excellent wings, but the thing is, he takes the new missionary to the area and they have to do the challenge. It's my turn, and it's called the Blazin Challenge!!! Are you kidding me!? Do I eat hot things!? No, but I'm going to have to, it's 12 blazin wings in 6 minutes... The other day in preparation I ate half a jalapenio and about died, haha, so this should be interesting. Not much has changed around here since last week, hopefully we'll be able to turn things around and make the work really progress here in the Great Bridge area, I love this gospel and I love having the opportunity to share it every single day. Being an example of the believers is an amazing opportunity we all have, and I pray that you will take full advantage of that. I can't wait to see your profiles, we get to on there pretty often to get familiar with it, so that will be fun. :) I love you all and pray for you daily, God knows each of you personally and will hear and answer your prayers no matter how many times you pray and ask Him, He loves you. I hope you all have a great week! Until next time... :)

Elder Hopkins

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